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Dr. Christopher F. Nicodemus,Director
Edit time:2016/09/29

Dr. Nicodemus is the Founder and President of AIT Strategies, Franconia, NH USA providing research & development and business guidance to clients and collaborators working in the field of clinical immunology and most especially immuno-oncology. He is an innovator in the area of combinatorial immunotherapy and has multiple issued or pending patents associated with OncoVent technology. A Fellow of the American College of Physicians, Dr Nicodemus received his undergraduate and doctoral degrees from Harvard College and the State University of New York in Syracuse and completed his clinical and research training at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital at Harvard Medical School, where he also held faculty appointments. He has more than 30 years of experience in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry and has held executive positions at Pfizer, ImmuLogic, Diatide, AltaRex, and United Therapeutics.  He has directly participated in three successful NDA submissions at the FDA.


In 2008 he founded and was Chairman & Chief Scientific Officer of Advanced Immune Therapeutics, Inc operating in Greater Boston and served in that capacity through 2011 when he sold that novel IgE technology to Quest Pharmatech, Inc of Edmonton Alberta.  Dr Nicodemus has served as a corporate officer for more than 20 years and has had multiple Board appointments both in technology companies and through his charitable participation in his community.  Dr. Nicodemus was an innovator in early molecular biology methods while at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories in New York as a student and subsequently cloned and analyzed the first human proteoglycan gene to be identified. He has deep interest in the modulation of the immune response for therapeutic advantage and overcoming the barriers to progress in this area. The recent progress in cancer immunotherapy is a reflection of the recent advances in this scientific discipline and will require innovative development approaches to reach maximal potential.